Managed IT Services & Support

Kytec provides managed IT services and business IT support in Melbourne and Sydney. Our managed business IT support services practice provides customers with the ease and assurance that their business is in good hands. With an operations team monitoring the solution proactively with 24/7 management to ensure you're looked after at all times.

Exceptional business IT support in Melbourne and Sydney bringing you onsite and remote engineers, we focus on the technology so you can focus on your business. Make sure your business is in good hands, contact us now for professional and reliable managed IT services.

Why Use Business IT Support Services?

With exceptional managed IT service providers, you’ll avoid;

• lengthy and frequent outages

• wasted time dealing with routine IT issues

• poor visibility about how your business is tracking

• trailing your competition with outdated technology


Ideally, your business IT services will offer;

• peace of mind that your IT systems are secure and running well

• reliable IT solutions for your staff and customers to use

• high-value information to make business decisions with ease

• new ways to innovate via advance IT business solutions A managed IT service provider’s aim is to optimise your IT performance as cost-effectively as possible.

By partnering with business IT support services, your organisation will;

• gain greater IT expertise and know-how

• solve IT problems quickly and easily

• speed up new technology adoption

• streamline automation of processes

• improve equipment and data security

• free up internal human resources

• increase staff productivity

• focus on delivering core business products and services Business IT support has the ability to prevent future IT problems, which could prove invaluable.


We offer the following Services.

Solution Monitoring

Solution monitoring provides the metrics required to enable your team and ours to support and manage your solution.

Based on Science Logic, we monitor and manage based on discovery, despendency mapping, alerting and reporting.

Business IT Support

As a managed IT service provider, Kytec ensures maximum uptime to proactively manage and monitor the solution and provide efficient resolution to any issues.

Included within our management is the patching and vendor maintenance which often can be a large overhead on inhouse support teams.

Service Desk

Our ITIL compliant service desk manages incidents, problems, IT service requests and changes on behalf of our clients.

Available 24/7, we can customise SLA's based on your unique requirements.

Service Desk services are included in your managed IT support package however a unique support arrangement can be arranged.

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