Service Desk

Refreshingly helpful IT support

With an ITIL compliant service desk managing incidents, service requests, problems and changes, your business provides the peace of mind only Kytec can offer. And when you can solve problems faster for your own customers, you build long-term relationships and loyal brand advocates. Simplify your service desk transactions with seamless omnichannel engagement available 24/7 and 365 days a year.

The technology

  • ITIL-compliant advanced ticketing system

  • Experienced team based in Australia available remote and on-site

  • SLAs built for your business need

  • 24/7 network monitoring and response

Business benefits

  • Make space for innovation with hassle-free IT support

  • Never miss a business beat with proactive system monitoring

  • Build your reputation as an easy-to-work-with business partner

  • Stay compliant and get on with running your business, not your IT

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When we’re working with a new customer, their relationship with their previous partner hasn’t necessarily ended very well. We manage the transition as smoothly as possible to get the configuration details we need to start supporting them and address outstanding issues.

Martial on service desk provider switching

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Legendary customer service at your fingertips

Looking to change your current service provide? We can help.

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