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SD-WAN is the capability that helps organisations change their WAN architecture to improve application experience and security in an environment where more users require connection to more applications in more locations including multiple clouds.

The adoption of SD-WAN is accelerating because it provides visibility of traffic and selects the best possible network path; it allows for integration of security and provides a software layer of control and single pane of glass for management that is simple and scalable. Cisco SD-WAN can leverage existing physical infrastructure from Cisco such as ISR Routers.

SD-WAN can optimise your network for critical SaaS applications such as O365 and Salesforce and open API’s allow customers and partners to integrate with, and leverage the WAN architecture.

The SD-WAN vision is for any user, with any device, to connect to any application, in any cloud, over any connectivity-type, providing the best experience in the most secure way – with simple management.

Cisco SD-WAN solution helps you:

  • Lower the overall cost of WAN operations
  • Simplify deployment and operation
  • Implement policy changes faster
  • Connect securely to applications
  • Experience less down time
  • Improve monitoring and reporting
  • Quickly adapt your network to support new business priorities
  • Improve resource usage for multi-site deployments
  • Build a cloud-native SASE architecture
  • Reduce IT staff management time


The original driver for SD-WAN was to remove the WAN from the physical connectivity (underlay) providing an overlay across the complete network regardless of connection. In other words, a management layer abstracted from the physical network.

Cisco SD-WAN offers a more granular approach to networking, supporting the deployment and management of large complex enterprise networks. With deep packet inspection, support for advanced routing and sophisticated orchestration, SD-WAN is highly configurable and suited to extensive hybrid networks. Deep packet inspection provides the option to define policies against traffic profiles.

Where organisations are using Cisco ISRs or vEdge, Viptela can be deployed without the need to replace the physical hardware.

The technology

  • Cloud delivered overlay

  • Supports applications in multiple clouds

  • Real-time visibility and control from a single dashboard

  • Secure, intelligent routing to optimise cost and application performance

  • Sophisticated SD-WAN orchestration

Business benefits

  • Secure connection to all locations, users and devices

  • Flexible and scalable bandwidth

  • Network can be easily re-configured to support new business requirements

  • Optimises performance of SaaS applications

  • Cost optimisation by utilising a combination of MPLS and Internet

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Bandwidth is expensive. Replacing your MPLS WAN links with internet-based links to build SD-WAN delivers WAN and Internet connectivity that’s faster and cheaper. You can link your SD-WAN box to multiple providers for dual links and a bandwidth boost when you need it.

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