Service Cloud Voice (SCV) integrated with Amazon Connect is a comprehensive solution offered by Kytec that delivers an excellent customer and agent experience by seamlessly blending telephony functionality with Salesforce’s CRM capabilities. This powerful, 100% cloud contact centre / customer experience solution brings together digital channels, traditional voice and leverages valuable customer data in real time.

Who can benefit?

The solution is ideal for SMB to enterprise organisations wanting to enhance their contact centre and organisations wanting to leverage their investment in Salesforce. The solution allows organisations to provide a more personalised service by leveraging Salesforce data and multiple communication channels.

The integrated Amazon Connect-Service Cloud Voice solution is ideal for organisations:

  • upgrading and/or moving their contact centre to the cloud
  • with remote agents
  • want to leverage disparate data sources in to improve customer service
  • focusing on improving their Customer Experience (CX) metrics such as NPS
  • with Salesforce as their CRM

Service Description

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact centre that provides seamless voice and chat capabilities for customers and agents. It includes one set of tools for skills-based routing, task management, powerful real-time and historical analytics, and intuitive management functions.

Service Cloud 360 is built on Salesforce, the World’s leading CRM, and is a complete platform for delivering customer service experiences by connecting Customer Service with Sales, Marketing and Commerce

Service Cloud Voice integrates Amazon Connect with Salesforce CRM.

AWS cloud image

Features and Benefits

Telephony Integration

Integration of Amazon Connect with Salesforce Service Cloud allows agents to handle inbound and outbound calls directly within Salesforce

Automatic Call Transcription

Amazon Transcribe converts voice calls into text transcripts, facilitating easy review, analysis, and searchability of call content

Real-time Call Insights

Amazon Comprehend provides real-time sentiment analysis and call analytics, providing agents with actionable insights during customer interactions.

Dynamic Call Routing

Amazon Connect’s intelligent routing capabilities ensure calls are directed to the most appropriate agent based on skill, availability, and customer context.

CRM Synchronisation

Automatically logs call interactions and updates customer records in Salesforce, ensuring a unified view of customer interactions across all channels.

Working with Kytec

Kytec brings extensive experience to IT and Contact Centre projects and we work with our customers timelines, internal process and business objectives, but the following diagram shows our standard customer engagement process.


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