Strategic IT consulting services

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Our consultancy services help devise a strategy and build a roadmap to grow your business outcomes before delving straight into solutions. The Kytec approach starts with your existing IT infrastructure, we learn your current capabilities and identify potential vulnerabilities allowing us to custom design the right solution for your requirements. We work on a strategic approach that connects the dots across networks, security, data centres, collaboration and contact centres.

Cisco Contact Centre projects

Get the most from your investment in Contact Centre with custom design, deploy and maintain strategies from our expert Cisco architects and engineers.

  • Workforce Optimisation
  • Customer Journey mapping
  • Omni Channel services
  • Reporting and analysis

Network consulting projects

We’re the integrators making the parts of your IT system a seamless network.

  • SD-WAN Solutions Design

  • Wireless and Mobility Design

  • Software Defined Access

  • Network Analytics and Assurance Design

  • Cloud-Managed networking design

  • Network Visibility and Segmentation Design

IT security planning

Take a strategic approach to your cybersecurity for better ROI and a complete security blanket.

  • Security architecture design

  • Security Accelerated Transformation

  • Business continuity management

  • Security Implementation and Management

  • Security Optimisation

  • Threat Hunting Workshops

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If we decide how we want to work to be productive and upskill to take advantage of new collaboration tools, we will improve productivity, creativity and business results. As I sat down to watch the keynote presentation at Cisco WebexONE today, the global conference for digital collaboration, I was expecting to hear about amazing new […]

Discussion about new ways of working, brought about by COVID, has pretty much been done to death. We get it; and it’s happening. Ironically, it is being driven my management and staff because the flexible mix of working from the office and working from home is increasing productivity for the business and flexibility for staff. So, the question […]

All businesses understand how important customers are. After all, why else would we say the customer is always right? Knowing that your customer’s matter is entirely different from knowing how to actually give your customers the experience they crave. While having a good product and smart services is important, you always have to build customer […]