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Organisations are moving from fully on-premises infrastructure to a combination of on-premises, private cloud (co-location of infrastructure in a third-party data centre) and public cloud such as Google, Azure or AWS.  This is called a hybrid cloud environment.

Adopt a private cloud solution or hybrid cloud approach to enable the seamless operation and transform the application experience. Integrate networking, security, analytics and management across all your environments because there’s no in-between – your business is either connected, or it’s not.

Our private and hybrid cloud architecture gives your infrastructure flexibility without compromising security or efficiency. We meet your business needs and customise an outcome, so you reach the full potential of your data centre.

The key benefits of a hybrid cloud environment for businesses and Government organisations are:

  • optimising application performance
  • leveraging existing investments
  • improving security
  • designing for flexibility and agility
  • implementing a back-up or business continuity strategy

Why are organisations moving to a hybrid cloud environment?

  • Existing equipment is going ‘End of Life’ or ‘End of Support’ and they don’t want to invest capital in physical hardware
  • They don’t want to manage or maintain physical hardware
  • Minimise the risk and financial impact of security breaches and ransomware attacks by implementing a back-up or data protection plan
  • Take advantage of the increasing number of SaaS services such as Microsoft 365, Dropbox and Salesforce
  • They want their IT capability and capacity to match their business requirements more accurately
  • Shift from a capex-based IT infrastructure to a consumption based, OPEX model

The technology

  • Intent-based data centre

  • One user interface on a unified platform

  • Hybrid cloud without compromising on a thing

  • Multi layered segmentation and threat protection

Business benefits

  • Stay secure as you shift from on-premise services

  • On-demand infrastructure saves time with repeatable and automated deployments

  • Reduce your IT invoice with a unified workload control

  • Get smart on automation with container management

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