The most common public cloud providers are Microsoft Azure, AWS (Amazon) and Google.  Public cloud is a shared infrastructure.

Organisations can use public cloud for compute services, Platform as a Service, for example a database platform which can be customised or SaaS – Software as a Service solutions such as Microsoft 365 or Salesforce.

Public cloud services are becoming increasingly popular.

Advantages of a Public Cloud

  • No hardware investment required
  • Only pay for what you consume/on demand scalability
  • Access to a broad range of SaaS services
  • Good DevOps platform
  • Convert capital expense into predictable monthly payments

Things to Consider

Left unmanaged, public cloud services can lead to bill shock, particularly if different parts of your business, or multiple people are utilising cloud services.

Many organisations are under the misapprehension that their information is fully protected within a public cloud.  While there is redundancy and geographical diversity, it is the client’s responsibility to manage their back-up. Learn how to protect your Microsoft 365 environment.

Why Choose Kytec?

Kytec can design, deliver and manage the best cloud and data centre solution for your business using the best combination of private cloud, public cloud and on-premises infrastructure.  In other words – Hybrid Cloud.

 We offer a 24/7 Help Desk, Application Performance Management and Vulnerability Management.

These are our key design criteria:

  • Optimising agility, flexibility and scalability
  • Delivering optimal application performance
  • Maintaining security and data protection
  • Cost optimisation including leveraging existing infrastructure and effectively managing public cloud costs


Kytec can deliver traditional infrastructure where compute, storage and switching are discrete; converged infrastructure where compute and storage are combined and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) where compute, storage and switching are combined.

Converged and hyperconverged solutions allow for rapid scaling, simple deployment, simplified management and intelligent end to end automation.

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