When DPM first engaged Kytec, they were underwhelmed with their technology solution. They had recently invested in hardware upgrades for their South Melbourne headquarters however had not seen an ROI on this investment.

Doquile Perrett Meade (DPM) are a mid tier Financial Services firm providing accounting, insurance and financial services to their clients. The majority of their clients are within the medical industry and are therefore often short on time but expect a high level of service.

Kytec were initially engaged to upgrade their ageing communications system, however, were soon asked to take responsibility for the management of all infrastructure at DPM. The IT Support team at Kytec quickly identified the opportunities for increased productivity within the existing environment, allowing DPM to extract the ROI that they were looking for.

Fast forward 3 years and with the hardware coming to end of life, Kytec began to discuss with DPM what a journey to the cloud may or may not look like. It was decided that the solution would stay on premise for one more cycle and Kytec proposed a private cloud solution based around Cisco UCS and Windows 2012. The new environment is characterised with high levels of uptime and responsiveness and the DPM executive team are able to rest easy knowing that their IT needs are well catered for.

Once the data center migration had taken place, Kytec focused their attention on enhancing the collaboration solution deploying Jabber and replacing Lync as the collaboration client providing enhanced telephony and IM & Presence capabilities to the network, even through the thin client environment.

According to Barry Wales Jnr, Managed of IT, “Kytec are not our supplier, they are our partner. They know our business inside out and only recommend solutions that fit which allows me to focus on the strategy rather than the day to day”.

Kytec have now partnered with DPM for 4 years and have seen the relationship go from strength to strength as both organisations experienced solid growth. “DPM are an ideal client” according to David Okulicz, Managing Director for Kytec, “we worked hard to gain their trust through continually delivering and now we are respected for our insight and advice but at the same time, value the input and feedback that DPM have provided to help improve our service”.