IT security company providing cyber security solutions

Protecting people and data from slippery threats

Looking for IT security companies? Kytec is an IT security company providing IT Security solutions for businesses to protect their data and IT systems from hackers, malware, cybercrime or any other type of security threat. We have more data, content and information than ever before, it makes sense to look for industry-leading threat intelligence. Our IT security solutions architects create bespoke security solutions across web and email security, identity services, multi-factor authentication, cloud security, and more to manage the network and end-user risks.

And as Cisco Gold Partner Certified IT Cybersecurity Company, we can make it all fit together within a Cisco ecosystem that doubles down on cybersecurity.

Are you all in on your IT security?

Mobile workforces put the pressure on IT support to protect networks with any time, anywhere access. Things go wrong, that’s why we go all-in on your security portfolio. Once you’re stable and past your issue, we work like Tetris masters at creating visibility, proactive monitoring and maintaining a security posture so it doesn’t happen again. Contact our security experts if you are looking for a cloud security provider to secure your data.

From proactive prevention to raising security awareness and behaviours to keep track of those pesky scammers, you decide how secure you want to be. Kytec is one of the leading IT security companies in Australia providing complete IT security solutions.

Common cyber threats and incidents include:

  • Cyber Attacks causing downtime or major disruptions
  • Ransomware acts where malicious software blocks or encrypts your data and asks for money to decrypt the data.
  • Insider threats caused by employees in the organisation
  • Phishing attacks where fraudulent comms are sent through emails.
  • SQL Injection when the attacker injects a piece of code into the SQL database.
  • DNS Tunneling, Denial of service attacks, zero-day exploits, man in the middle attacks, DDoS attacks and more.
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