Cisco Stealthwatch

Network traffic analysis of who, what, where

They’ll have to do better than stealthy. Using multilayer machine learning and behavioural modelling, Cisco Stealthwatch analyses extraordinary amounts of network data across public cloud, private networks and encrypted traffic to detect threats faster and cut incident response times.

This network traffic security analytics solution enables advanced network segmentation that simplifies isolating sensitive data. Cisco Stealthwatch helps take your IT security to the next level.

The technology

  • Network traffic analysis for threat detection

  • Machine learning and behavioural modelling

  • Fast detection of unknown malware and insider threats

Business benefits

  • Know who is where in your network with telemetry from your network infrastructure

  • Smarter network segmentation options to protect more of your data

  • Identify threats by user, device, location and more

  • Check encrypted traffic for threats without the risks of decryption

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“You need the same level of security in your office or your mobile at the beach.”

Steve on strategic security

Enterprise Architect

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