Just prior to Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce and Genesys jointly launched their ‘CX Cloud by Salesforce and Genesys’ offering. The new-to-market solution, which under the covers is a Service Cloud Voice offering utilising Genesys voice capabilities – enhanced by Genesys WEM (Work Engagement Management) which includes their quality, WFM and analytics capabilities.

Additionally, the release introduced the ability to route Genesys native channels and surface them through the Salesforce unified interface including the capability to leverage all the AI capabilities based on Einstein1 as announced at Dreamforce. 

Also released at Dreamforce was a wider capability around 3rd party channel integrations into Service Cloud which will allow a number of messaging and CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) vendors to route their channels into Salesforce and have them handled within the Salesforce interface.

The opportunities that these announcements offer to customers is immense. For Genesys customers, or customers with supported CCaaS or messaging platforms including Live Person, the ability to integrate very quickly into the Service Cloud platform will provide immediate and immense uplift in capability by immediately allowing the agent a 360 view of a customer during any interaction, and the potential to leverage the Einstein and Einstein1 capabilities.    

The whole customer experience landscape is quickly evolving to better consolidate and utilise data and engage with customers on a variety of channels.  The net result being a better customer experience, empowered agents and more efficient transactions.  The improving integration of traditional contact centre platforms such as Genesys and Cisco with CRM platforms such as Salesforce is immensely powerful.

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