Web security and Cisco Umbrella

Seek and destroy advanced web threats

Internet-based threats can hide in the most legitimate of websites and the most innocent of cat videos. Protect your users and your business with IT Security software that automatically checks and blocks dodgy or unknown sites. Our architects design your web security solution as part of your broader security strategy, so you have a complete bag of protection tricks including granular visibility, reporting and control.


The technology

  • Granular user, bandwidth and access controls

  • Multiple antivirus functions

  • Centralised security monitoring and reporting

  • Plays well with WSA and third-party products

Business benefits

  • Protect users on legitimate websites and apps

  • Automatically blocks dodgy sites to remove risk

  • Build for the future with flexible deployment for growth

  • Everywhere protection for users in the office, home or train

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Your people are your greatest asset and your biggest security risk. Going to a compromised website, downloading something malicious or clicking on a phishing email isn’t going to end well for your organisation.

Steve on the human touch in security solutions

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