About Us

We've developed, evolved and been recognised for getting the job done right. We believe every customer is different and every challenge is unique.

Our specialists' expertise centres around our four primary practices - Collaboration and Video, Network and Security, Contact Centre, Cloud and Datacentre - while our Managed Support team provide a distinctively human approach to customer service.


The first phase, we get to know your business. We focus on assessing each new situation, taking the time to study and learn the circumstances of each new and potential client.


Once we have a detailed picture of the problem, we respond with a tailored and comprehensive solution. We're confident in our approach and always open to further thought and discussion.


Once the solution is approved, we send in our talented and experienced engineers to deploy the solution. Through clear communication, detailed planning and flawless execution.


The last phase, our continued support allows us to maintain your new solution, ensuring optimum performance and providing recommendations for upgrades and improvements where needed.

Accreditations and Certifications

Distinguishing ourselves from the rest, Kytec are proud to achieve approval from the below accreditation bodies.

At Kytec we live and breath our products and solutions.

The Kytec team are defined by two distinct skills: a highly-specialised understanding and technical knowledge of a particular field, and a work methodology highly-attuned to client requirements and collaborative problem solving.


Practical Wisdom is the theory that while rules are important, and processes are necessary, they must only be a platform for growth and further discovery: we can’t solely rely on how things have been done in the past to achieve the best outcomes.

So when a new challenge arises, we get to know the situation well enough to gather insight, and then create new, effective solutions.