Advanced Malware Protection

Outsmarting intelligent threats

Not all malware announces itself at the gate – email attachments can hide security timebombs and everyday links might trigger a ransomware attack. AMP does exactly what it says on the box: protects your networks, monitors malicious behaviour, and detects and removes malware. Is your network sort of protected, or are you all in? Is your IT security solution effective?

The technology

  • Global threat intelligence

  • Real-time malware protection

  • Visibility of network and edge threats

  • File analysis using signature matching, machine learning and fuzzy fingerprinting

Business benefits

  • File activity monitoring across networks for rapid detection

  • Fast removal of malware to get on with business

  • Advanced sandboxing to outsmart sophisticated attacks

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection solutions

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“Advanced sandboxing is key. Can an application A) talk to application and B) when it senses a benign threat turning malicious?”

Steve on security architecture

Enterprise Architect

Global threat intelligence that hunts the hunters

Talk to a Kytec security consultant about blocking malware in real time.

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