Cloud Email Security Solutions

Email security that protects what’s coming in and what’s going out

Looking for secure cloud email security solutions for your business? Kytec provides a range of email security solutions from Cisco.
Exposure to email threats can come from legitimate sources, bad employee judgement and businesses with a weak spot in their IT security armor. You need a complete cover with no gaps. Because it only takes one.

Protect your employees and your business from malware, virus, ransomware, spam and phishing no matter how or where they’re accessing the network with email security that protects what’s coming in and what’s going out.

The technology

  • Email security solution protecting incoming and outgoing traffic

  • Blocks zero-day attacks

  • Tracks down risky files with a timebomb attached

  • Secure migration to the cloud

Business benefits

  • Reduce risks of phishing and ransomware

  • Data loss prevention to protect outgoing email

  • Block malicious messages

  • Training and support to raise security awareness

Quote icon

“Our identity management means we can take you off the network if we think you’re patient zero waiting to infect the rest of your network.”

Steve on isolating network threats

Enterprise Architect

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