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Teamwork doesn’t always happen in the same room

If you’re used to starting conference calls or meetings with awkward jokes about tech slowing you down? Then you’re using the wrong tech. Explore Cisco’s Webex Suite with Webex Meetings, Webex Calling and Webex Teams for the best collaboration in the workplace.

The Cisco Webex Suite is a perfect solution for teams working remotely. Cisco Webex Suite provides simple, reliable video conferencing with Webex Meetings and Webex Calling solutions which help you stay connected with the most secure collaboration platform.

Cisco Webex Calling is a cloud-based solution with all the required business calling features you need to bring your team together more effectively.

Cisco Webex Teams helps your team get things done between meetings and calls. Webex Teams provides a collaboration platform for secure messaging, file sharing and interactive whiteboarding – while maximising the input from every member of your team.

Call, meet and collaborate with ‘Webex level’ confidence and press GO on collaboration with messaging, meetings, video calling, screen and file sharing and whiteboarding.

Webex is a powerful tool that helps your team become more efficient, more effective and more engaged.

The technology

  • Secure data on any device

  • Real-time technical support, wherever you are

  • AI and machine learning capabilities

  • Customised features and workflows

  • End-to-end data encryption

Business benefits

  • High quality video for a face-to-face feel

  • Simple collaboration through group messaging, Cisco Webex meeting and whiteboarding

  • Better customer experiences in efficient contact centres

  • Secures your IP with enterprise-grade security

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It works across multiple platforms. So you can have the same application on your iPhone, your Android, laptop… and you don’t need a special connection. You can call anyone, start talking to them wherever you are, and that’s the whole point of Cisco Webex.

Remon on Webex across multiple platforms

Senior Collaboration Engineer

Curious how Cisco Webex can improve teamwork?

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