IT Security Solutions

Kytec provides IT security solutions to business in need to protect their digital assets. Businesses in the modern world survive on data - for many businesses it represents the majority of technological, intellectual, and financial investments. Kytec's IT Security Services help customers to look after what matters by actively detecting, analysing and protecting against malware, intruders, and unwanted threats.


Safeguard Your Network Security

Dedicated IT security solutions offer a fast and effective response to cybersecurity attacks. With a multi-layered security platform in place, your business data and application environment will effectively defend itself against cyberattacks. And, if a cyberattack were to compromise any part of your network security, this layered protection would rapidly contain the cybersecurity threat. Whether it’s your company’s web, email, network, cloud or remote systems and devices; well-planned and well-implemented IT security services will safeguard your data, users and networks.

Next-Generation Firewalls

Safeguard your organisation from the next big breach through Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall (NGRW). Offering a diverse set of capabilities to automatically prevent and safeguard your organisation along with visibility into and control over users, applications, devices, threats and vulnerabilities in your network. With a variety of next-generation products at offer, Kytec recommend, implement, and support your business needs to deploy a solution that's right for you.

Email & Web Security

Protect your organisations users from email and web threats by deploying a multilayer approach to security, a robust layer of defense against ransomware, malware and phishing attacks. Cisco Web Security Appliance (WAS), powered by Cisco Talos protects you by automatically blocking risky sites and testing unknown sites. Enhance Office 365 with Cisco Email Security and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection.

Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

Build your organisation on exceptional web security intelligence and automated malware data analysis. Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) is an integrated enterprise-class protection solution providing real-time visibility across the attack continuum: before, during, and after an attack. 

Integrate AMP with your Cisco Web Security solution to give you advanced threat capabilities alongside traditional features.

Cisco Umbrella

Providing security from the cloud, Cisco Umbrella provides a feature rich security platform that provides protection from malware and other threats for clients on and off the corporate network. A simple to deploy solution, Cisco Umbrella is a go-to for Kytec when a customer is looking for increased visilibty and protection across their network with an extremely low time to value.

Cisco StealthWatch

Cisco Stealwatch leverages machine learning to detect East-West anomolies in the data centre to detect emerging threats and protect against data exfiltration. As experts in the Security and Data Centre architectures, Kytec are perfectly positioned to deliver for customers looking for next-generation levels of security within their data centre.

Multi Factor Authentication (Cisco DUO)

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is a necessity to deliver on legislative data privacy requirements.