Switching, Wireless and SD-WAN Provider

We know our customers need fast and secure access to information. Kytec work closely with our customers around the latest in software defined networking for the LAN, Wireless and WAN. Providing solutions based on Cisco and Cisco Meraki technologies, Kytec build out the network infrastructure to run their customer's business critical applications in a cost effective and highly available manner.

SD-WAN Provider

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) provides customers with the opportunity to increase network performance while reducing ongoing carriage costs by leveraging application layer software policies to prioritise and route traffic, according to real-time network conditions. The unlikely combination of increased performance with reduced costs explains the rapid uptake of the technology.

Kytec deploy and support SD-WAN solutions based around both Cisco Meraki and Cisco Viptella working closely with our customers to determine the best architecture and approach to the exciting techology.

LAN Switching

Kytec offer switching solutions based on the Cisco Catalyst, Cisco Nexus and Cisco Meraki portfolios. As experts on the new Digital Network Architecture (DNA), this solution delivers policy based automation and programability to reduce operating costs and increase performance. Kytec work closely with our customers to deliver application-aware networks that drive business application performance and enhance customer outcomes.

Wireless Network Services

From the corporate office to the retail shopfront, wireless networking is now a staple within almost every organisation. As a service that users are now dependant on for their productivity and day-to-day operations, combined with the increased security threats and increased bandwidth requirements, wireless technologies are no longer set and forget.

Kytec have extensive experience delivering both Cisco Meraki and Cisco Aironet technologies in the toughest environments. Leveraging Cisco technologies such as DNA to deliver customer outcomes and visibility that were previously unattainable.

Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking (SDN) provides automation and application centric policies that dramatically increase perceived network performance and reduce time spent on manual optimisation based on individual application requirements.

As experts in the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA), Kytec provide application aware networks to our customers across their LAN, WAN and Wireless domains driving performance based on applications, not on throughput.