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Live your best cable-free life with wireless network solutions

Looking for wireless network services or Enterprise wireless network solutions?

Kytec can help you provide wireless network services and Enterprise wireless network solutions. We can help to provide access points, wireless controllers, controller-less access, high capacity load balancing, IoT device segregation and more. Our wireless solutions can help your business to improve customer experiences, lower interruptions, provide quick user access to workforce and wireless access to the workforce without adaptors, wires or dongles.

Simplify your network with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 enterprise wireless network solutions that scale on demand to meet user expectations without a hitch. Or even an extra click.

We’ll build a secure, fast and reliable network with comprehensive network security monitoring, IoT device segregation from your enterprise network, better connections and less distractions.

The technology

  • Indoor, outdoor and industrial access points

  • Wireless controllers and controllerless access

  • High capacity load balancing

  • IoT device segregation

Business benefits

  • Better customer experiences with less tech interruptions

  • Update user access in minutes

  • Cut down on manual troubleshooting and support

  • Workforce access without adaptors, wires or dongles

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Wireless needs a flexible approach to using what works now and keeping an eye on new technologies. Even the fairly recent wireless deployments face challenges because of the dynamic nature of network connectivity. A few years ago tablets and smartphones weren’t go-to devices in enterprise networks and now they are.

Satnam on flexible tech planning

Senior Project Engineer

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