Kytec, in collaboration with Crowdstrike, Netskope and Mimecast, is pleased to invite you to
Bits and Bites.

Bits and Bites is a new style, relaxed forum where you can learn from industry experts, share with and seek input from industry peers regarding any challenges you may have while enjoying some excellent food and wine.

Our expert speakers will present for around 5 minutes each with the aim of stimulating discussion.

The experts will share insights, predictions, the latest technology trends and use cases.

Thursday, 23 November

12:00 Meet and arrival drinks

12:30 Session commences

3:00 Session concludes

Location: Level 4, 67 Palmerston Cr, South Melbourne We want to show you our new office!!!



Sen Philip

Security Solutions Architect

Understanding the Threat Landscape

As adversaries become more sophisticated and relentless, global threats continue to grow and evolve at an alarming rate. In this session, we examine the notable threats, events and trends from CrowdStrike’s 2023 Global Threat Report.


Ryan Economos


Email Security and the Evolving Adversary

As the increased availability of sophisticated off the shelf hacking tools become readily available, we pull back the curtain on the ever-changing cat-and-mouse game between hackers and defenders. With over 40,000 customers globally, Mimecast provides insight into the current techniques and trends adversaries are utilising to exploit email and collaboration security.


Steve Orfanos

CTO and Security Practice Lead

How to develop and execute a security strategy

How to prioritise security fixes by understanding risk in business processes.
How to leverage the Essential 8 as a strategy foundation
No holds barred analysis of the vendor landscape
How to get buy-in from senior management and the Board to expand your budget


Brian Zerafa

Regional Director

Understanding and Managing Digital Risk

While cyber risk has been the focus of recent years, it largely refers to the protection against external and internal threats from nefarious actors. However, the conversation is rapidly shifting towards the broader topic of digital risk which is fast becoming the bigger focus.

This session will see us lead a discussion around what is meant by digital risk and how it relates to not only cyber risk, but how creating good digital citizens helps improve an organisations risk posture.

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